TW-1000 Tactical Flashlight

Nearly every aspect of the NEW TW-1000 has been re-engineered and upgraded to perform better for your tactical EDC needs.

Key Features:

  • Included Rechargeable 18650 Battery
  • Can also use 2 CR123A Batteries: not included
  • 4 modes: High, Medium, Low, and Strobe 
  • Mode selector dial -no more using a button to jump through modes!
  • Removable pocket/ hat clip -mounts securely to hat when turned backwards!
  • 3 tail caps: utility, rifle mount, tactical -customize the light to your needs!
  • Momentary-on or Click-on button
  • Total length:  5.6"
  • Width at center: 1"
  • Lifetime Warranty

Light The Night™ with the TacWare TW series tactical lights.  Our lights are engineered with powerful functionality in mind.  A simple and elegant design yields an easy to use light that is a staple of your EDC.  Every aspect of this light is thought out in detail, and every detail has a purpose.

Gone are the days of pressing through modes to find the right one or never knowing which mode your light is on before you turn it on.  Our selector dial makes it simple.  You can easily see and feel which mode your light is on. In the dark, turn it all the way to one side before selecting the mode you want.  Once it's on your preferred mode, it doesn't change until you select a new mode with the dial.  No buttons to fiddle with to change through modes. High, medium, low, or strobe  (H, M, L, S) modes give you what you need without cluttering up the functionality.  A momentary-on or click-on button delivers a powerful beam to your target.

Everybody has different needs from a light.  Our 3 tail caps let you tailor your light more specifically to your particular uses.  A flared tail cap gives you ultimate handling capability when you'll be mostly using your light for searching or in-hand operation.  a straight and long tailcap is flush with the power button so that you can set your light upright on a table for utility uses.  This also works well for pocket-carry so that the button isn't accidentally activated.  A straight and short tail cap works great for a rifle-mount light.  The flashlight will fit through most 1" diameter mounts (with the pocket clip removed) and the button will be exposed for easy operation with or without gloves.  You decide how you'll use it and which tail cap will work best for you.  

The removable pocket clip is another feature that we perfected.  Rising from its mounting point, it puts the light deeper into your pocket and out of the way.  When the clip is removed and turned around, you can then mount the light to the brim of a baseball cap. Compare it to other pocket clips and you'll see the detail that we put into it.

From the tail caps to the high quality lens and reflector, every part of these lights defines high-quality functionality. 


Length: 145mm / 5.7"

Head Dia: 30.6mm / 1.2"

Handle Dia: 25mm / .98"

Weight: 10.6oz

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