Titanium Grappling Hook Mini

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The Gen 2 Grappling Hook Mini is here!  You've seen the Gen 1 which features the following:

  • A waterproof titanium capsule with a screw-on lid
  • 3 (very sharp) 1.5 inch spikes that fit into the capsule or screw into the sides of the container to create the grappling hook**
  • A mini D-ring that fits into the hole on the lid of the capsule

The Gen 2 Grappling Hook is up to even MORE every-day tasks!  It ALSO includes the following:

  • A threaded hole in the very bottom of the (slightly longer) capsule which makes it a useful tool when you screw one of the 3 spikes into it (self-defense, ice pick, wedge, etc.)
  • The screw-on lid now has a built-in bottle opener
  • The bottle opener is also a 1/4" hex opening that fits a 1/4" driver bit.  

**These grappling hooks are not designed to support human weight.  

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