6-Piece Premium Titanium Keychain Loadout; 16 Tools & Weighs Only 1.5oz!!

We've assembled the ultimate premium titanium keychain, weighing in at only 1.5oz, and we are offering it at an unbeatable bundle price. Titanium tools provide 3 distinct benefits over other materials, 1) Corrosion-proof, 2) Lightweight, and 3) incredible strength.

The Premium Titanium Loadout:

16 ultra-lightweight tools in 6 titanium pieces.
  • Large Titanium Octagonal Ring - $9 value
  • Titanium ARti™ Tool - $34.99 value
  • Titanium Carabiner - $15 value
  • Mini Titanium Tweezers - $10 value
  • Mini Titanium Toothpick - $13 value
  • Titanium Bullet Capsule - $10 value
Total value of $99.98, and yours for just $79.98!

Details of each titanium piece:

The Titanium ARti™ Tool: The Titanium ARti Tool is an EDC multi-tool with an arsenal of functions.  Grade 5 titanium, 11 distinct tools built-in, and SO MANY uses make the ARti Tool a powerful addition to your every day carry gear.  Are you looking for a gift for you man?  Look no further.  He will love the ARti Tool.  It is packed with manly features that will turn any gadget-lover into a little kid on Christmas. Features:
  • Philips screwdriver
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Pocket hook
  • 2 round key chain holes, spaced 65mm apart which allows for fitment on some popular "swiss army" style key chain tools.
  • Scraper/prybar end.  
  • Sharp-ish point for opening boxes or slashing at a bear during an attack.
  • Nail-puller for when you are demo-ing your daughter's doll house but want to save the materials for your next project.
  • Bottle opener.
  • 1/4" hex wrench or bit driver hole.  And hey, if you want to hang your key ring from this hole we're not going to tell you how to live your life...
  • 4mm thick makes it very strong yet unobtrusive in your pocket.
  • Grade 5 titanium will hold up to use without ever corroding.  
  • Shaped like America's favorite rifle, which will bring much admiration from your friends who have lame pocket tools or bottle openers.
Mini Titanium Tweezers: Just 1.75" long, our mini titanium tweezers are a great addition to an EDC kit or bug-out bag.   Mini Tweezers are 1.75 inches long.

Mini Titanium Toothpick: 1.375" long closed, and 2.25" with pick deployed. 

Large Titanium Octagonal Ring: 1.2" in diameter, and super lightweight & strong. 

Titanium Carabiner: 1.25" long with a strong spring loaded clasp. 

Titanium Bullet Capsule: Roughly the size of a 9mm round, the base of the cartridge unscrews to reveal a hollow cavity inside the round/bullet. This cavity can be used to carry an emergency medication, a love note, cologne, oils, or whatever else you can think of. Each pendant has a rubber o-ring to keep the contents inside and undisturbed.

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