ARti Tool Gift Box

Titanium ARti Tool + TacWare Velcro Patch + Gift Box

ARti Tool™ is an EDC multitool made of Grade 5 titanium with a handful of functions. 11 distinct tools built-in, and so many uses make the ARti Tool a powerful addition to your every day carry gear.


-Phillips screwdriver. Yes, phillips. Built-in. Not just a flat-head like all of the others.


-2 round key chain holes, spaced 65mm apart which happens to make it a good fit on some popular "swiss army" style key chain tools.

-Nail puller

-Sharp-ish point for opening boxes or slashing at a bear during an attack.

-Pry tool/scraper

-Bottle opener

-1/4" hex wrench or bit driver hole. And hey, if you want to hang your key ring from this hole we're not going to tell you how to live your life...

-Flat-head screwdriver.

4mm thick makes it very strong yet unobtrusive in your pocket. Grade 5 titanium will hold up to use without ever corroding. Wonderfully recognizable overall shape of freedom.

Titanium is extremely lightweight and durable. Tool weighs less than 1 ounce!

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